Extended warranty

Use your Visa card to pay for the purchase of your new Brown, Grey or White Goods with a minimum purchase price of US$50 for personal use and the items may be eligible for the benefit of Extended Warranty, provided the manufacturer provides an original warranty of no less than 12 months. Keep your original sales receipt from the store, showing the transaction was paid in full and the original manufacturer’s warranty card, as this will be required at claims stage. *

What is not covered?

  • Non-electrical items.
  • Mobile telephones, tablets and iPads.
  • Genuine goods sold through unauthorised channels in direct competition with authorised distributors.
  • Items used for business, professional or commercial purposes.
  • Items permanently affixed to the home or office.

Buyers protection

Using your Visa card or payment device to pay for an eligible item, purchased in-store or online, you will receive complimentary Buyers Protection Insurance, providing cover for theft, accidental damage or non-delivery of eligible purchases, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the policy. *

Details of cover:

  • Full payment of purchased items must be made with your Visa card or device either in-store or online.
  • Purchases of new items only are covered.
  • Only coverage for Accidental Damage in respect of mobile phones.
  • 28 days from incident date to submit a claim but it must be reported within 24 hours of discovery in case of theft.
  • Limits are covered in the T&Cs. Particular limits apply to online purchases that are not delivered or damaged in transit.

Extended Warranty adds real value. It doubles the repair period offered by the original manufacturer’s warranty for up to 24 months, so that you can always feel the benefit of extra protection.

Making claims

In the event that a claim needs to be made, you must provide all the relevant information within 28 days of the incident or loss. Claims may only be filed for purchases made with your Visa card.

Submit claim online

To submit your claim online please follow this link: New Claims Portal.

Policy details

Please register using your Visa Card to view your qualifying benefits.

For more details, simply visit https://cardholderbenefitsonline.com and click on Insurance Benefits. Please provide your card information to verify what benefits are available to you and the terms and conditions that apply.

Emergency contact numbers

For your free pre-travel advice, travel or insurance assistance is required please contact International SOS.  This service is available 24/7 and provides services in selection of languages.

You can contact the service by:

Telephone (Please us the number below that best suits your location and language requirements)

WhatsApp (Please call us by telephone should you have a medical emergency!)

  • Scan QR code:
QR code to contact support service via WhatsApp

Qualifying cards

Welcome new and exciting possibilities for you

Gold* cardholders are given spending power for their daily needs, as well as emergency card replacement and cash services.

*Extended warranty is not available for Visa Gold cardholders.

Enjoy more of the finer things you love with Visa Platinum

As a Platinum cardholder, you’ll gain access to everything from fine dining deals and travel assistance to protection of your purchases.

Your discerning tastes deserve equally exclusive privileges

All Signature cardholders receive additional privileges, ranging from lounge access and concierge services to travel insurance and more.

Life’s elite pleasures the way you like it

Curated indulgences pave the way for an elite lifestyle with an Infinite card, where cardholders have the highest access to all benefits.

Visa does not undertake any insurance business or act as an insurer, insurance broker, insurance advisor or insurance agent. Insurance services and benefits are administered by Aspire Insurance Advisers Limited. The benefits of the insurance Policy records the terms under which Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited (“Chubb”) have agreed to provide cover to Visa International Service Association (“Visa”) as policyholder for the benefit of Cardholders. Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited (Reg. No. 1973/008933/06) is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 27176). The policy wording will take precedence over all the guidance contained in the website and in all instances the terms and conditions of the policy wording will apply. * The Extended Warranty & Buyers Protection policy benefits are subject to terms, conditions, cover limits, exclusions and excess where applicable. Please refer to the full policy wording for details including cover, conditions, limits and exclusions.